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Old Army Photos

Last night my good friend and the bravest interpreter I ever met and who only recently told her husband that she almost got blown up with me. Suggested I put up a photo of me with a dog as she is a dog person. There is one photo in here from a mission that I posed with our explosive sniffing dog. Hope you enjoy.
Getting Promoted to First Lieutenant With our explosive sniffing dog
Giving the SF team the most tacki shirts we could find Hawaiian Christmas, I think I have a photos somewhere that the whole family is in the same outfit.
LTC March and MAJ Weaver, two of the smartest guys I know with Brandon Rule and myself in Military Police Basic Officer Leader Course. Keep an eye on Brandon, he is already a Captain and likely will be a General someday.
back not too long ago when my little boy was a little more little. TNI-AD Master Sergeant (MSG) Supriadi and Captain (CPT) Dedy

MSG Supriadi lead the SF Team and CPT Dedy was the Company Commander of the Infantry unit that supported us. Glad I learned how to speak Indonesian. Made working with them much easier.
This base was a once in a lifetime visit. Looks like something out of a movie. A very unique experience I will never forget. Colonel (R) Tony Diaz is one of the most charismatic leaders I met in 20 years in the Army. The First time I talked to him was during a very tense negotiation with just him myself and another very senior person from a different Army after something just happened. If you see me in person ask me about this story. It is a good one.
In Germany with Major Sam at Major Flury's Promotion. Major Flury is the guy in the background. Our commanding General at the time allowed Major Flury to have a promotion ceremony 2 months before he actually promoted to Major because he parents were in town. What a great Commanding General that understood the power of a gesture like this. I miss those guys. With a Senior Lieutenant Colonel that wasn't too happy his he had to work with a young First Lieutenant as his equal. At first he pretended he didn't speak English. Which for me wasn't a problem. I just spoke to him in his language... Once I was able to get one on one with him and tell him some jokes in his own language we were able to get the mission done.
Major Suhendro, one of the most positive guys I met over there. He was so sharp he was selected to serve on an exchange program to go to England to study London's public transportation system and then work on the transportation system in Jakarta. With a TNI-AD Soldier at a humanitarian site where we built a community center and a market.
at my promotion lunch. with Lieutenant Colonel March and Major Weaver. A great photo with Lieutenant Colonel Basto at the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. During this day we got the chance to go into the ship's Captain's quarters.  The USS Missouri is the ship the Japanese surrendered on. The exact spot is just behind the big guns in the photo.
With the very famous A.W. Moss and Colonel (R) Tony Diaz, US Army
My Father Giving me the Oath of Office to become a Commissioned Officer.

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